This site is created with purpose of helping people to add a good habit, get rid of a bad one, do few 30 days challenges in order to learn something new.

Normally it takes 21 days to add a new habit or subtract a habit.
Think about something you’ve always wanted to add to your life and try it for at least 21 days. I would recommend for a month.

Important is to start from doing something easy, then once you get more confidence, do a harder challenges.

How it works

1 Choose challenge and set dates
2 Invite a friend, who picks up same or different challenge
3 Choose reward for each other – if complete this challenge
4 Choose ‘punishment’ – each choose him/her self
5 Invite supporters – friends and family
6 Do your challenge – good luck to you both

The aim of ‘punishment’ is to be difficult for person to do, but most importantly useful. It’s a sort of introduction into a new challenge/habit. And it shouldn’t be something this person is doing anyway.
Some examples are:
One week without smoking/drinking alcohol/coffee
100 push-ups/press-ups/pull-ups
5K run/walk
One week no TV or social media
Give blood
Cycle to work for a week


It’s good to set goals and be rewarded for achieving them. Think about what you want, talk your friend or your partner and may be they will offer you a prize for completing your challenge. It could be a book, T-shirt, dinner, cinema tickets, etc.

In your turn when you challenge your friends offer them a prize, you should roughly know what they want. This way, not only completing your challenge gets more interesting and rewarding, but it also helps you to get closer to your friend.
And remember – your main reward is your new habit or experience!

By doing challenge with your friend you support each other and of course there is a competition! No one wants to lose or be punished.
On this website you can find ideas for challenges, benefits of good habits and plenty more information in future.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”